Travel Tips

Pattaya Beach

Precautions in Pattaya
The holiday in Pattaya could be hassle-free if you keep in mind these tips.

Pattaya Beach

– Be cautious when selecting tour operators, travel agencies or tour guides. Select the ones with official licenses issued by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
– If something seems too good to be true, it is best not to risk it.
– Never listen to street touts. Promise on jewellery bargains are nothing but scams. There are many examples when tourists were lured into purchasing a fake gem or they had to pay three times more money than the normal.
– Thai government does not own, operate, subsidise any jewellery stores, except Thailand Duty Free Shops. Authority of Thailand only founded the Jewellery Fest Club and issue logo and certificate to JFC members who are proved to sell high quality, genuine and value for money jelwellery items.
– Do not accept shopping or sightseeing assistance from strangers. They take a big commission on a high surcharged price.
– Never indulge in gambling or drugging in Thailand. Penalties for these actions are very severe.
– Purchase tickets from the bus terminal. In case you purchase the ticket from agencies, be sure to obtain all necessary information before making a purchase.

Best Time to Visit Pattaya
Timing the visit to any country is very important. Learn about a country’s seasons and possible weather conditions so you can experience the best of the country. It is always advisable to get some basic details about the proper timing of visiting a country. You would then be capable of taking the right decision. Pattaya can be visited all year round but to avoid the rain during July and October which could mar your beach holiday,the best time is between December to May for the best weather.

Tropical Climate
Thailand has tropical climate. You could visit the place any time throughout the year. Save the rainy season, which is from July to October. However, travelling during the rainy season could not be all bad. In Thailand, it could rain cats and dogs and goes. Although, it is hard to predict in some areas. In summer, Thailand is quite hot and humid in particular in April. November to February is the coolest time of the year. There is less humidity. The rain is quite rare comparatively to the rest of the year.

Central and Eastern Thailand
Different parts of Thailand can be visited in different season. Central and eastern Thailand is at their best in November to March. The rain comes around the end of May and goes on until October.

North and Northeast Thailand
The best season to visit these regions is dry season which lasts from November to February. The weather is dry and cool. Flowers are in bloom. The mountainous region in particular gets very cold when the night falls.

South Thailand
There are only two seasons in this region, summer and rainy. The weather does not get so dry as it is on the coast. Best time to visit is during November to March. Avoid visiting the islands in monsoon season. It could be dangerous. The east of the peninsula on the Gulf of Thailand is best visited from December to June. The west side such as Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi is during November to April and if you would like to travel to both sides, the best time is from December to April.