Viharn Sian Anek Kuson Sala

Viharn Sian Anek Kuson Sala

Viharn Sian Anek Kuson Sala is a Chinese Temple, situated about 15km south of the seaside town of Pattaya. This Chinese temple is now used as a museum housing a very unique collection of Chinese antiques, Chinese art, Buddha images, bronze statues and a plethora of statues of Chinese gods! One of the highlights and something which is rarely seen outside China is the permanent display of some of the Terracotta Army figures, including chariot and horses!. All the statues and exhibits are displayed both inside and outside of the 3 storey main temple building.

Viharnra Sien was built in 1987 to honour King Bhumibol Adulyadej or Rama IX on his 60th birthday. Also known as Viharn Sien, it is housed inside the Wat Yansangwararam complex. Two huge stone Peking lions and a number of Chinese mythological figures will greet you at the entrance of the building. As you enter the temple-cum-museum, be prepared to be charmed by many precious and rare Chinese artefacts, paintings, terracotta figures and antiques that are on display here.

You will also find sculptures of Chinese Gods, a jade statue of Guanyin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and many Buddha statues. Some of these artefacts were gifted by the Chinese Government

Viharn Sian Anek Kuson Sala Entrance fee
The current entrance fee to this temple is now 100 baht for adults for both Thai and foreign nationalities

Open hours:
from 8:00am – 5:00pm

Getting to Viharn Sian Anek Kuson Sala
This temple/museum is situated about 15km from Pattaya. If you do not have your own transport then you can charter a taxi in Pattaya for a half day or full day to visit this attraction (usually worth combining with other attractions in this area) Alternatively Travel Hub offers a full day guided tour of some of Pattaya’s main attractions which also includes Viharn Sian