Pattaya boutique hotel aims for niche with cultural attractions

Pattaya boutique hotel aims for niche with cultural attractionsPattaya boutique hotel aims for niche with cultural attractions
PHANWADEE Oraphan has set out to make her Noursabah Pattaya one of the best boutique hotels in Thailand, highlighting the cultural attractions of the property with its distinctive architecture and focus on service quality.

Pattaya boutique hotel aims for niche with cultural attractions

Pattaya boutique hotel aims for niche with cultural attractions

Phanwadee, co-founder of the hotel, said that the inspiration behind its creation is the childhood memory of Pattaya as a favourite leisure destination for her family.

“My family members and I grew up with the experience of relying on our own accommodation in Pattaya as a weekend house. We feel bound to the city,” she said.

“Every time we stay in Pattaya the city always reminds me of the old days when we were kids,” added Phanwadee, 39, who is also general manager of the hotel.

She said the 20-room Noursabah hotel started operations in 2016 after two years of construction. “The hotel has 10 employees, including three front office staff who speak three languages – Thai, English and Malay. Although, the room rate is about Bt2,000 per night, all our guests can enjoy free a minibar in every room type,” Phanwadee said.

“We had no experience of the hotel business before, and what we have done with Noursabah Pattaya is that we have adjusted and improved our boutique hotel continuously time over time.

“Noursabah Pattaya is a family business and our first inspiration is our beloved mum who owned this land. We set out to create a small boutique place, feeling like a second home for stays in Pattaya, which is the city we always came to on holidays when we were young.”

Phanwadee said Noursabah Pattaya showcases hybrid architecture with a combination of Thai and colonial, as well as Arabic styles, and “this represents grassroots identity of the family”.

“Noursabah Pattaya is a cultural boutique hotel. We are Thai Muslims who live in this country, so we would like to share the idea of beauty by blending in different cultural things,” she said

“We would like to promote Pattaya as a city on the bright side, cosy for friends, couples and a general family place,” she said, adding that the main target customers are foreign and Thai travellers, with around 40 per cent for the latter.

“We did not set up the visitor targets based on the demographics of the guests, but according to their favoured lifestyles, such as guests who prefer taking photographs or those who love design and architecture,” said Phanwadee.

“At Noursabah Pattaya, we do not sell guest rooms, but valuable moments and impressive experiences of staying at our hotel,” she said. “We have designed our small hotel in a narrow alley, cosy and peaceful with the character of a Thai colonial building and marble spa pool. Guests will also enjoy taking photos here because of the white background and design of the buildings. If guests love to take photos, we guarantee that they will have a great shot here that they can use in their profile pictures.

“Moreover, we serve our guests like they come to a second home. Our facilities and homely services create valuable experiences for all our guests who stay at Noursabah Pattaya.”

Phanwadee said that there around 2,000 hotels in Pattaya, including chain hotels and private villas as well as budget hotels and residences.

“We have not set out to compete against any of the big chain hotels in the city. There are still people who love some small things. They can be couples in love, family members, and even single travellers,” she said.

Phanwadee said that the hotel has adopted key marketing and communication strategies under the concept “Let the guests tell everyone what they feel and what we are”.

“This is a word-of-mouth strategy that we using on every channel, especially in the social media world. With this strategy, the guests communicate to the social network the experiences they get from us,” she said.

“We always listen to what individual guests are talking about us as shown in the guest reviews or comments, with the aim of improving ourselves continuously.”

Phanwadee said that her ambition is to make Noursabah Pattaya one of the best boutique hotels in the country, especially on the delivery of quality services to customers.

“What we are trying to do is be better every day. We believe that Thailand is one the best countries in which people can travel and that if offers the best in hospitality and food,” she said.

“What we have is a charming city, with the blending of different cultures.

“We know that as a small hotel, we are making a small contribution to the country’s tourism industry. And we will try our best to become one of the best small cultural boutique hotels, highlighting design and service in our way.”

Phanwadee said the company has plans to developing new projects in Pattaya and Bangkok.

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